Jana Kramer was hospitalized over the weekend after struggling with her health over the last couple of weeks.

On April 13, Kramer announced on her Twitter account that she was coming down with something, saying, “I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick. Crap…I think I’m about to get sick. who’s taking care of me?” Sadly, her positivity didn't heal her, and she was feeling worse shortly.

“I wish they had delivery prescription drop offs. How do i pick up meds when I’m already on meds and dizzy. #help,” she wrote to her Twitter followers, adding, “You know you’re single when you order an uber to pick you up to get medication. #awesome I would cry but I’m sick of blowin nose. haha.”

Her illness has not been disclosed, but Kramer's condition got bad enough that she ended up in the hospital. The 'I Hope It Rains' singer kept her spirits high, tweeting a picture of herself in the hospital bed out to her fans on April 19.

Later that day, she was out of the hospital and back at home, telling her Twitter followers, “Thanks y’all for the well wishes! I’m back home and got lots of fluids in me so all is okay! Thanks for the love! #love.”

Kramer has had struggles with her health in the past. She was hospitalized in 2012, when she became so weak that her then-boyfriend Brantley Gilbert rushed onstage to hurry her to the hospital.