Jamey Johnson is getting ready to release his follow-up to his 2008 Grammy-nominated album, 'That Lonesome Song,' with not one, but two CDs.

"The original idea was always to do a double album," Jamey says about the upcoming project, 'The Guitar Song.' "It is an album that is a tale. The first part is a very dark and sordid story. Then everything after that is progressively more positive, reassuring and redemptive."

The songs, which Jamey says have recurring themes, are included on either 'The Black Album,' or 'The White Album,' according to their subject matter. "I think we're making the best record by combining all these different sessions," Jamey tells The Boot. "There's songs that work together that tell the best story from a certain period of time. Then there are songs that don't work as well together if taken out of context. What we've done is put the songs together in a way that I think people would want to hear connected."

The ambitious project, which includes 25 tracks, was not what Jamey originally set out to accomplish. "When I started off, it was just songs I'd recorded, one for 'That Lonesome Song,' and some other ones I had intended being on different records," he explains. Still, even though he is proud of the finished product, he admits he had some trepidation about the undertaking. "First there was the economy, and then I didn't 't know if people would be interested enough to buy two albums to get the whole message."

'The Guitar Song' will hit shelves on September 14. The first single off the album, 'Playing the Part,' is at radio now. Check out Jamey's fall tour schedule here.