Jamey Johnson is thrilled that he has three Grammy nominations this year -- Best Country Album, Best Country Song and Best Male Country Vocal Performance for 'In Color.' But even more rewarding for him is fan feedback.

"What has been the most overwhelming thing for me so far is when we're playing live and the crowd sings every word of 'In Color' back to us. As a songwriter, I can't even explain what that feels like," he says.

While Johnson's album 'That Lonesome Song' made many of the Best Albums of 2008 lists around the country (including The Boot's), fans will be thrilled to find out they will soon have another option for that music. Johnson is a fan of vinyl albums, so Mercury Records is releasing an LP version of 'That Lonesome Song' on January 27. Not a bad deal for recordings that weren't even meant to be released by a major label.

"We didn't have a record deal so there was no reason to go in and make the record," Johnson explains. "I just wanted to see some of my friends, and we figured the best way to do that was record some music. We went in the studio and messed around a while and then started recording and just made music that wasn't influenced by having to make a hit record or anything. It was music that just came from our hearts and that was what I wanted it to be."