The wait is almost over for Jamey Johnson fans anxious to hear a new album from the singer. Johnson displayed a banner on his website announcing, "New Music Coming Soon."

Johnson's last record of new tunes was 'The Guitar Song' in 2010. He also released 'Living for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran' in 2012, before seeming to fade from the spotlight. But the 39-year-old, who landed in the Top 10 with his 2008 hit 'In Color,' says it hasn't been because of lack of creativity, but because he grew weary of the business side.

“There’s aspects of it that I couldn’t deal with, as far as radio promotion and that sort of thing,” he explains. “That has nothing to do with the radio stations, by the way. But radio promotion is like an entirely different community of people that ask you to do a whole lot of different things. If you say ‘no,’ then you’re not being a team player and they ushered you out the door. And if you say ‘yes,’ then you’re probably gonna be standing on a stage by a car dealership with a monster truck show going on right behind you, trying to deliver your music. I thought more of my music than that, so I quit doing those kinds of things.”

But while Johnson may not have had new music on the airwaves, he says he has worked hard to stay connected to his fans.

“We tend to stay in motion, and we intend to stay in motion,” he maintains. “You’re going to see us coming to town, and if we get within a reasonable drive, just know I drove all that way to get there, too. I came to see y’all, too … We play our instruments, and we have our time, and when we’re done we go visit with people until everybody’s too tired to talk anymore, and then we leave,” he says, adding, “Then we come back and do it again the next time.”