Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban were all winners at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards, but at least one country star is speaking out against the show.

James Otto took to his Twitter page throughout the telecast Monday night (August 9) to air his criticisms. "Call me old fashioned but the fact that a porn star (Kim Kardashian) is a presenter on the Teen Choice awards is kinda messed up," he griped.

Later in the broadcast, he tweeted, "Selena Gomez posted nude pics of herself on the Internet, Miley Cyrus is running around with no panties for the paparazzi," before fact-checking himself by saying, "I've been corrected. Selena Gomez does not have nude pics, it's Vanessa Hudgens. My apologies to Selena."

While it may seem odd that the tall singer with the deep baritone voice would spend his time watching a show geared to an audience half his age, the fact that his wife, Amy, is pregnant with their first child, already named Ava Katherine, may offer some explanation. "Not sure our kids stand a chance in this era," he concludes. "Makes me glad to be a country artist where there's at least a little more family values."

With the new baby due August 23, just two days after his run ends as opening act on the Toby Keith/Trace Adkins tour, James hopes little Ava waits to enter the world until he's home with his wife. But either way, he's ready whenever his baby girl decides to make her entrance in the world.

"If the baby comes early, I'll be on the first flight home," James tells The Boot. "I'm taking a couple of weeks off right after the baby is born so I can be there to help Amy take care of her. I want to be there for the birth of my child for sure. It's one of those things that you just don't know how many times it will happen in your life, and I want to be there to experience it all."

James has a new self-titled album hitting shelves in September. The disc includes his current single, 'Groovy Little Summer Song.'