"It's election time, but I couldn't get my head around modern politics," James McMurtry admits -- so, the singer-songwriter turns to the past for help in his new song "Remembrance."

In "Remembrance," McMurtry focuses on the political events of the 1970s and '80s -- the Cold War, the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco and Spain's transition to democracy, the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 -- to explain his thoughts on the importance of the 2016 presidential election. McMurtry is backed only by an acoustic guitar, adding harmonica interludes occasionally throughout the track.

"Perhaps it may prove to our liking / Should the trouble not outweigh the gain / For there's not much use for innocence / In a world gone crazy and blind," McMurtry sings in the chorus of "Remembrance." "Those who place any faith in intelligence / Must surely be out of their minds, out of their minds."

"Despite the 'junior high popularity contest' nature of the media circus, this election is not about personalities. It is not about whether we like or dislike a candidate, whether we are 'inspired' by a candidate or not," McMurtry muses in a press release. "This election is mostly about the Supreme Court. It is about how we will legally interpret our constitution for at least the next generation.

"People will live or die as a result of this election. Therefore,to cast a 'protest vote' for a third-party candidate, or any candidate, is an immoral act at this time in history," he continues. "We must vote for the future we want to see; corny as that may sound, it’s no bulls--t."

McMurtry released a new album, Complicated Game, in 2015.

Listen to James McMurtry's "Remembrance":

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