Jake Owen's handsome mug might just be a little more rugged looking now that he's sporting a huge gash between his eyes.

Jake posted a photo on his Twitter account with a caption that reads "Stitches or not?" then later joked, "You should see the other guy!" Taking an old athlete trick, Jake applied a little super glue to the wound and tweeted, "the superglue worked alright ... guess I'll have a nice Frankenstein scar! Battle wounds ... !"

Click here to see the picture.

What Jake neglected to reveal is just how he messed up that pretty face in the first place. But hopefully it will heal before he heads to Washington D.C. on March 2 to perform during the 2010 NAB State Leadership Conference Dinner in front of hundreds of radio and TV broadcasters and legislators. BMI is sponsoring the conference, bringing together legislators and broadcasters to discuss issues impacting the broadcasting world.