Jake Owen has a dream of one day headlining his own tour, but in the meantime, he's opening shows for some of his friends, including Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert and Sugarland -- acts from his debut class who have risen to headlining status.

"A lot of those people who have me open for them did the same thing," he tells the Arizona Daily Star. "Jason Aldean two years ago was just another guy like myself, but he had a couple of big hits in a row, and now he's headlining arenas. You know it could happen ... and that's what I have to do. Everybody's got their times, and I'm working on mine. I want my name on the ticket. I don't want to be an opening act for the rest of my life."

The Florida native, who has reached the Top 10 a couple of times with 'Startin' With Me' and 'Don't Think I Can't Love You,' knows it will take hard work and a lot of patience to reach his goal. "It's just a growing process," admits Jake. "Nothing happens overnight. I'm excited for another year of being able to go out there and work at it again. It's a nice job to have."

Jake takes his own show to Clovis, Calif. tonight (Apr. 23).

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