Whether it's his music or his personal style, fans would most likely consider Jake Owen a fashionable guy. But early in his career, Jake admits, he had a strong desire to get into the jeans of another popular country singer.

"I remember going to a Tim McGraw concert and, there's a big difference from your local guy playing at a bar on stage and then going to see Kenny Chesney or Keith Urban or Tim McGraw," Jake Owen tells Houston radio station KILT. "They've got these cool-looking clothes on!"

The 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' singer, whose album with that title will be released August 30, acknowledges he went to extreme measures to look like one of his musical heroes. "I remember Googling back in the day, 'Where does Tim McGraw get his jeans?'" he admits. "Because I wanted some cool-looking jeans!"

Jake will have plenty of time to soak up fashion tips, plus plenty of other useful information, from one of his other style icons, Keith Urban, while he crosses the country serving as an opening act on Keith's Get Closer world tour.

"I've always wanted to go out with Keith, because I've always appreciated the fact of how much of the real deal he is as far as guitar player, singer-songwriter and an all-around good dude," Jake tells The Boot. "He seems very present and happy with where he is right now, and I think for any artist, that's something to definitely strive for."

The Get Closer world tour plays in Virginia tonight (July 26), followed by shows in Washington, D.C., Ohio and West Virginia. Keep track of the tour schedule here.

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