Jake Owen heads over to the dark side for his new single, 'Tell Me.' He co-wrote the song with pals Don Poythress and producer Jimmy Ritchey about being in love with a woman and not being able to get over it and let go when she leaves.

Jake says he loves the way the first track and third single from his 'Easy Does It' album sounds melodically. "The intro to it really sets the mood. I have to feel something when I listen to a song, and 'Tell Me' is a lot like that. It's got this dark, mysterious kind of sound to it. It starts out with kind of the John Wayne-riding in on the open range, then you've got like the 'Bonanza' thing in there."

The follow-up single to 'Eight Second Ride,' is an important one to Jake. Prior to 'Tell Me' being released, Jake told The Palm Beach Post, "We want it to take my career to another level, and we want to make sure whatever that [next single] is, it's a song that can do that."

Even though the singer has had radio success and won the Top New Male Vocalist award at last year's ACM Awards, he still doesn't feel as though he's as successful as others may think. "A lot of people, when they see your face on TV, they think you've made it, but I am so far from having made it!" he laughs. "Every single day I'm working so hard to keep this ball rolling in the right direction. It's hard work, but I love what I do, so that makes it easy."

Jake is beginning to look for songs for his third album, but in the meantime, you can catch this country hottie rolling down the road in concert. He has a few days off before his next date in Hampton, Va. on March 21.

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