Jake Owen wants his fans to know that he is more than just a pretty face. Sure, he's easy on the eyes and has graced the cover of Nashville Lifestyles magazine as one of Music City's most eligible bachelors. But Owen insists he is so much more than that and actually doesn't like that kind of attention.

"My music is what got me here. It's not because of my teeth or my hair," he tells Country Music Tattle Tale. "Sometimes people don't associate me with my music, which is what I take the most pride in ... I'm not just the guy with pretty teeth. I'm the guy that believes in my music."

Good looks aside, the country star is a hopeless romantic and says that his favorite song on his sophomore album is the love song, 'Anything for You.' With catchy lyrics like "catch a star in a mason jar, so you can make your wish," he says it represents what he would do for anyone he truly loves. Owen wrote and performed the song for a friend's wedding.