Jake Owen released his music video for "Real Life" back in June, but the singer recently debuted a special edition of the clip that features pop-up fun facts about the project.

Owen gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the video with plenty of added "making of" information, from who, exactly, the clip's cast of characters are to his '90s inspirations. For example, fans will learn that, despite the song's title, there are numerous effects in the music video that are far from real ... but Owen also included a lot of things that are real -- and really neat for his fans.

Owen's sense of humor shined through in the original video, but with the new version, fans get to peek behind the curtain, and it makes the clip even more enjoyable. Through the pop-ups, Own reveals where fans can spot his mom and brother, not the mention all of the members of his band and crew who are sprinkled throughout the music video.

"Real Life" is the first single off of an upcoming project, which Owen says will be a departure from his beach bum reputation.

“I’m not shying away from my heritage and being from Florida, but I think I played that card a lot on the last couple records, and I didn’t want to come out this summer with another beach song,” Owen says of "Real Life." “But I did want to come out with a song with that anthemic chorus.”

The new project will reportedly have a more '90s feel to it.

“My whole record, honestly, revolves around when I was a kid growing up in Vero Beach, Fla., growing up 50 feet from the ocean … that’s right around the time Sublime put that [self-titled] record out,” he says. “I’ve never made a record like that before. I’ve made a record with a bunch of random songs on it that worked on radio, but I want a piece of material that is consistent throughout each song, that talks about that feeling of growing up. The feeling of looking back and the feeling of appreciating it all.”

"Real Life" is available for download from iTunes and Amazon.

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