Jake Owen wants to help his twin brother Jarrod get a date. But he's not the only one. Jarrod's also getting some assistance from radio's Big D and Bubba. The show hosts are asking potential blind-daters to submit an e-mail -- pictures encouraged but not required -- in order to be considered for the unique opportunity to go out with handsome Jake's equally handsome twin.

Although they're fraternal and not identical twins, Jake says he and Jarrod do get mistaken for each other from time to time. And now that Jake is more widely recognized, Jarrod is often asked about his famous brother. "He could get tired of it, but he doesn't," Jake told The Boot. "Never once has he been like that. He's so proud to tell them all about me."

Jake recently invited his brother up on stage in their home state of Florida to join him in performing Jake's breakthrough Top 10 hit, 'Startin' with Me.' All you single ladies, watch the video below.