Jake Owen is not only a talented singer-songwriter, but if he should choose, he could probably have an additional career snapping pictures.

"My main hobby outside of music is photography," Jake tells The Boot. "I love to take pictures. I've always taken photos. I always have my camera with me. It gives me the ability to hold on to a moment forever."

The 'Startin' With Me' singer is not just the subject of photo shoots, he enjoys scoping out different shots and memorializing them in time. "I like taking pictures of other people and giving it to them. I like to give them something. I like to capture life in general, because we all know life goes by too fast. So if you can slow it down in an instant and capture that moment, I like to do that. I want people to see the life I've lived through my photos."

In fact, Jake was out on a Nashville-area lake and captured superstar Alan Jackson in action, taking a leisurely trip on one of his boats. He had the photo blown up and plans to present it to the superstar.