Hot country newcomer Jake Owen graces the cover of Nashville Lifestyles magazine's annual 'Solo in the City' edition, with the headline proclaiming him "Country Music's Most Eligible Bachelor." But in an exclusive interview with The Boot, at his Nashville home the day after Super Bowl Sunday, Owen mentioned that much of the after-party cleanup was handled by his girlfriend.

So what happened to "sexy, smart and single," as the magazine cover also proclaims? Owen confesses that, yes, he is dating someone, but that's pretty much all he'll say on the subject.

"I've been with her long enough to not talk about it in interviews," he says, when pressed for details.

So how did the mystery woman feel about seeing her man on a magazine cover proclaiming his single status?

"She's cool about it," says the 27-year-old. "I don't flaunt the fact that I've got a girlfriend. I'm not going to get settled down anytime soon. She's nice because she allows me to be that guy. She knows I'm not getting married or getting tied down anytime soon."

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A subject Owen is much more comfortable discussing is his recent Grammy nomination for 'Life in a Northern Town,' the collaborative effort with Sugarland and Little Big Town. The singer says he's floored by the nod.

"I was on the road and I got a call from my mom," he says, recalling how he found out about the nomination. "At first I was like,'For what?' It just blew me away. Whether we win or not, it's not going to break my world in two. I'm looking forward to going, to hang out and soak it all in."

Among the artists Owen would most like to meet at the Grammys are musical heroes Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. He also says he wouldn't mind running into Sting or Prince. But if he comes back with Grammy award in hand, he'll have some work to do.

"I'll have to build a case for it," Owen says. "I haven't got a place for my trophies ... except for my T-ball trophies from when I was a kid."

Owen releases his sophomore album, 'Easy Does It,' on February 24. That's also the day you can read our full interview with the country star, right here on The Boot.