Jake Owen, who co-wrote eight of the 10 tracks on his latest album, 'Easy Does It', writes songs that appeal to the masses, from the tender love songs to the rowdy drinking ones, and everything in between. But, the country star admits that he sets a very high standard for himself when he delves into the emotional tunes.

"It's really important for me when I'm writing songs that speak to women, that I speak to them in a way of respect," Jake tells Music Row magazine. "I try to write in a way where a guy listening would say, 'Man, I'd say that to a girl.' Conway Twitty did that. He sang songs to women all the time, but it was a very masculine way of saying it. It wasn't soft. I don't think any of my love songs on this record are soft."

Jake may be a perfectionist when it comes to his writing, but he was much more relaxed when it came time to record his new album, 'Easy Does It.' "I just went in the studio and sang. I'd sing the song from start to finish a couple of times and then leave because there was no doubt in my mind that I'd done the best I could do. Whether it's perfect or not, it's who I am."