Jake Owen made an unexpected trip to the emergency room on Tuesday, August 17, to check out a gigantic bump on his elbow that had popped up suddenly. No specific accident led to the injury -- he apparently aggravated an old one because he has been quite active lately, playing golf and wake boarding -- all of which resulted in fluid buildup. We were reassured the bump was not as painful or "gross" as it appears in the photo Jake posted on his Twitter page.

Before heading to Nashville to become a country artist, the handsome bachelor was pursuing a career as a competitive golfer while attending Florida State University. A 2000 water-skiing accident left the now 28-year-old singer-songwriter with permanent damage to his shoulder, and he was forced to put away his clubs professionally. While recovering, Jake picked up a guitar full-time and headed for the bright lights of Music City.

The athletic performer still loves to hit the links for charity and has recently participated in a couple of tournaments that may have helped to exacerbate the old injury. No word yet on what kind of treatment he will be receiving for it, or if it will even require surgery in the future.

Jake will not have to do much this weekend, except hold a microphone and belt out his songs, when he hits the stage Friday night (August 20) in Aberdeen, S.D.