Jake OwenJake Owen owes part of the success of his latest single, 'Eight Second Ride,' to his twin brother Jarrod, since Jarrod and his friends challenged Jake to write a song just for the guys. Jake tells Countryforever.com that Jarrod and his buddies gave him countless grief over writing so many "chick" tunes, so he decided to base 'Ride' on his brother and the exploits of his beloved pickup truck.

Fans who know the song will recall the lyric about the guy making sure his date doesn't spill his dip-filled cup when she climbs aboard his truck (headed, naturally, down Old Tobacco Road!) It's that line which speaks to dippin' dudes across America, and has inspired a new -- if somewhat disturbing -- souvenir at Jake's concerts.

"Every guy comes up to me at shows now, making me sign their spit can or dip can," Jake explains. "It's pretty funny."

Guys, get your spit-cans ready! Jake's just been added to the growing lineup for the Verizon Wireless Bamajam Music and Arts Festival June 3-5 in Enterprise, Ala.