On a rainy Saturday night (Oct. 24) in New Jersey, Jake Owen, a frequent Twitter user, tweeted three simple words to fans: "Let's get naked." While that's the kind of thing that gets plenty of attention -- especially from the country heartthrob's many female admirers (and you don't hear Jake complaining!) -- it's also the kind of message you might not want to share with Mom and Dad. Well, Mom, at least ... as Jake learned from a recent -- somewhat racy -- photo op!

"We were out in Portland at this place called Duke's [Country] Bar & Grill," Jake tells GAC. "And there's a photo of me on stage playing, and there's literally like 40 bras on my microphone stand - 40 of them!"

Jake says his mom "just shook her head, like, 'You've got to be kidding me. I can't believe my son ... I raised my son to do - he's out there doing this!?' I said, 'Mom, look, I must be doing something right.'"

His father's reaction was decidedly different! "Dad's high-fiving me!" says the singer. "He's just like, 'Let me ride around. Let me hang out with you.'"

Less than an hour after Jake's "let's get naked" tweet, he added. "Never had so many responses in my life. People like getting naked. Especially in the rain."

Fans can blame (or thank) some of Jake's escapades on the reaction to his suggestive single, 'Eight Second Ride,' which is currently climbing the charts.