Unlike his buddy Billy Currington, Jake Owen does own a TV. But its location is a source of contention when it comes to the country star's relationship with his girlfriend.

"She was mad because I don't have a TV anywhere in my house other than in the downstairs area," Owen tells EW in their Pop Culture Personality Test. "I was like, Why? If you're gonna be in the bedroom, there ain't no need for a TV. You know what I mean? [Laughs] If you're that bored, then we don't need to be dating."

Owen isn't too concerned with his TV, given that his packed tour schedule keeps him on the road a lot. He also dishes to EW his favorite tourmate.

"Kenny Chesney without a doubt," he says. "The thing about Kenny Chesney is, he just loves to have fun. But he works hard, and he likes for people to work hard around him. In order for people to work hard, they also need to feel comfortable and appreciated, and by the setting that he has backstage, his "Vibe Room," people feel like they're workin' for a purpose."

The purpose of what, you ask?

"Margaritas!" Owen reveals. "It's awesome ... This isn't a negative thing, but I went from the Kenny Chesney tour to the Brad Paisley tour, and Brad doesn't drink. So at his end-of-the-year party, it was, like, ice cream social as opposed to, like, margarita social. And for me, I'm more of the margarita social kind of guy."

Owen also dishes on what movie makes him cry, what rap song makes him dance and several other humorous insights into his personality. Read the full interview here.

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