Jake OwenAs a Music City resident, Jake Owen knows Nashville traffic can be brutal. But he also knows when to take a break from it. And all it took to get him out of the Christmas-induced congestion and into a nearby Walgreen's Pharmacy was an invitation from store employee (and Jake fan) Amy Barton, who was working there.

Jake was traveling down Hillsboro Road, toward the Mall at Green Hills, one of Nashville's most notoriously clogged traffic spots, on Friday afternoon (his first mistake!) when he let off a little steam to his Twitter followers with a tweet that read (among other choice words): "I could walk faster than this. Merry Christmas."

After Amy suggested he come in to say hi, Jake said he'd be there in three minutes, then did indeed stop in to surprise Amy and her co-workers, even posing for photos before taking off to brave the tangled traffic once more.

"Jake Owen is officially my favorite person in this entire world right now," Amy later tweeted.