Jack Ingram is in the Big Apple this week, promoting his brand-new 'Big Dreams and High Hopes' album. And after his media blitz, it is the country star's high hope to see his name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Jack is setting up shop at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge on Tuesday, where he will do a satellite radio tour all day and all night. With the New York City skyline as his backdrop, he's going to attempt to beat the record for 'Most Consecutive Radio Interviews in a 24-hour Period.'

"I've done so many satellite tours, where you do six hours worth of interviews, one after the other after the other, and I'm always grateful after I do them. That's a great way to get in touch with a lot of people across the country, all in one sitting," Jack tells The Boot of the inspiration for his record-breaking quest. "I said to my manager, 'Man, we should do it longer than anybody else." And he goes, 'Yeah, we should do it 24 hours in a row!'"

Jack admits he was a bit hesitant to commit to a round-the-clock radio tour, but then the idea gained momentum. He had his manager check to see how feasible it would be to try to break the world record. And when they realized they could beat it, they took the challenge one step further.

"There's a record in the book about consecutive radio interviews in a 24 hour time span by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy -- he did 72 of them. I did the math, and I was like, 'I could beat that!' So not only are we going to beat it, we're going to try to do 215 of them!"

Jack's Guinness quest begins Tuesday (Aug. 25) at 8:00 AM ET and ends Wednesday (Aug. 26) at 8:00 AM ET. He'll talk to 215 radio stations for five minutes each. CMT will film the satellite tour live, so that fans can watch it all happen here.

The Boot will also bring you our own exclusive interview with Jack on Tuesday!