While there's no mistaking the real Reba McEntire, Reba herself gets a kick out of the women -- and men -- who pay tribute to her by donning red wigs and sparkly dresses. In fact, she's even helped a few Reba doppelgangers get work.

"We had a listening party where impersonators were onstage, and there was one doing me, one doing Garth [Brooks], and I think Patti LaBelle and Barbra Streisand, Reba tells CMT. "And, then we had an idea to take the impersonator who was doing me on the road with us. It was a lot of fun!"

During Reba's live show, a female impersonator named Dale portrayed the role of 'Fancy,' bringing to life the lead character in one of the singer's best-loved hits. "Where I was at the other end of the arena, [he'd] pop out somewhere else," the country superstar recalls. "It was a great gag."

"I'm very flattered when people impersonate me," says the often imitated -- but never equaled -- Reba, who's in the middle of a media frenzy, celebrating the release of 'Keep on Loving You,' her first album of all-new solo material in six years.