Seven of the Top 20 biggest album sellers this decade are country artists. That's compared to six rock, four pop and three rap artists who make the list, as reported by Yahoo's Chart Watch.

Tim McGraw comes in at No. 3, with 24.3 million albums sold since January 2000. He's just behind The Beatles with 27.6 million and Eminem with 31 million CDs sold this decade. Other country artists who've made bank at the record stores in the past nine years include Toby Keith (at No. 4 with 24.2 million CDs sold), Kenny Chesney (No. 6 with 21.4 million sold), Rascal Flatts (No. 13 with 18.8 million sold), Alan Jackson (No. 15 with 18.5 million sold), the Dixie Chicks (No. 17 with 18.3 million sold) and Johnny Cash (No. 18 with 17.9 million sold). See the full list here.