Hunter Hayes just released his sophomore album, Storyline, last spring, but his fans are already anxiously awaiting a new album from the singer. At the end of last year, Hayes hinted that he was spending the holidays working on new music, and it sounds like he hasn't stopped writing since.

"I've been writing a lot over the last four months for sure," Hayes tells Taste of Country. "A lot, actually. More ratio song-per-week than I've had probably since I moved to Nashville."

Could all that writing be inspired by his girlfriend, Libby Barnes, who he's been seen with over the past few months? Hayes is keeping mum on that front, and he won't even say if he's been writing any love songs, choosing instead to keep things vague, saying, "I've written a lot of different stuff, actually."

Hayes is also keeping quiet as to whether or not fans will see a new album from him in the near future, but he isn't hiding the fact that he's been at work in the studio.

"I'm so stoked that you keep asking about it; honestly, it's a really cool feeling," he says. "There is new music coming from the studio, and we are frantically working on it because we want to get it out as soon as possible. We want the fans to hear what we're excited about."

Despite any frustrations that fans may have about Hayes' tight lips, the 23-year-old has good reason for keeping his mouth shut: He doesn't want to negatively affect the music he's making.

"When I’m in the studio, I’m very cautious about it because if there’s one thing that can destroy music being made, it’s any sort of agenda, expectation and / or schedule or any of that,” Hayes tells The Boot. “Every time I’ve gone in to create music and felt free and felt like I was actually creating something, it’s turned out something I’m really proud of, so I try to keep that as a tradition. But I’m in the studio, so there you go.”

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