Hunter Hayes gave a flawless delivery of his latest single, 'Invisible,' during the 2014 ACM Awards.

Hayes was introduced by singer Jewel, who spoke of her own homelessness as a teen. He admits he wrote the song based on his own personal, and painful, experience. Instead of playing a guitar or piano, as he normally does during a performance, the 22-year-old stood and poured his heart and soul into the message of the tune.

“I was a total geek, I was a total nerd, and you know, I still am, and I’m proud of that,” he acknowledges.’ “But it took me a while to realize that it’s OK to be proud of that, right? Because in that time and period of my life, if you didn’t fit in, what else was there? Fortunately for me I had incredible parents, I had an incredible support system, musicians around me, and that showed me that there was hope — that there was maybe something else I could look forward to.”

The Louisiana native performed the song as part of his partnership with ConAgra Foods’ Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. He will attempt to break a Guinness Book of World Records, currently held by the Flaming Lips, for most shows played in 24 hours. Called 24 Hour Road Race to End Child Hunger, Hayes will bring awareness to the epidemic of childhood hunger, through his partnership with ConAgra and their Child Hunger Ends Here program.

'Invisible' is from his upcoming album, 'Storyline,' which will be released on May 6.