Hunter Hayes sure knows how to write a song; if you need further proof of his ability to connect with others through music, just look to his legion of "Hayniacs" around the world. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes video from Front and Center and Country Now, the singer explains his songwriting process and the magic he feels when he's on stage.

"When I get to sing a song on stage, there's something really, really magical," Hayes says, exuberant as ever when talking about one of his greatest loves: music.

Even though there are lots of technical moving pieces -- from guitar pedals to lighting, not to mention where he's got to be on stage -- Hayes tries to get to the point where he's simply singing, instead of letting other worries make their way to the forefront of his mind.

"... When that all goes away, when you've finally gotten that out of the way, and you're just singing a song, I love being able to sing," he says. "And I realize how lucky I am to get to sing something that I know about, that I've written about because either I lived it or somebody I know lived it, or in some way I'm close to this story and it means something to me."

Whether it's songs like "I Want Crazy" or "Tattoo," or the vulnerable "Invisible," Hayes' lyrics and always-catchy melodies shoot straight to fans' hearts. And that's something he loves about the craft.

"When you're singing with everybody in the audience, you're together," he explains. "You've lived this moment, and you've had this experience ... the good, bad, kind of mediocre moments in life, sunshine, rain, everything."

Press play on the video below -- premiering exclusively on The Boot -- to see Hayes perform "Tattoo" as part of the CMA Songwriters Series, airing as part of Public Television's critically acclaimed concert series Front and Center. For more information on when Hayes' episode will air in your area, visit the Front and Center website for local listings.

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