Country fans, want to make sure you know exactly when someone gets married, has a baby, announces a new record and more? The Boot is committed to keeping you informed on all things country music news, but your Facebook feed may be preventing you from knowing the latest. Here's how you can change that.

On Facebook, you can now prioritize your news feed to ensure that The Boot remains at the top. First, if you're on a smartphone, make sure you're using the latest, most-updated version of Facebook. Then, click through our step-by-step instructions in the gallery above. (If you're primarily an iPhone user, your instructions are first; to jump to Android instructions, click here, and if you're primarily a desktop user, click here.)

How does this help? Facebook has a complicated algorithm to determine what you see in your news feed, which means that big news like Luke Bryan's apology or Joey Feek's recent surgery might pass you by. But, by controlling your own feed and customizing it, you'll never miss out.

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