Holly Williams has revealed that she is pregnant with her first child.

Appropriately enough, the singer-songwriter, and daughter of country legend Hank Williams, Jr., posted the news to social media on Mother's Day.

Williams and her husband, Chris Coleman, married in 2009. He is a multi-instrumentalist who tours with the Kings of Leon, while she released her third album, 'The Highway,' in 2013.

“My husband and I are traveling all the time and we have very stressful schedules, but if we start getting in a little tiff, we’re both like, ‘Wait, can the baby hear us right now? We can’t do this!’" Williams tells People magazine.

She admits the pregnancy was a surprise, since they've seen so many friends struggle with infertility. “We felt really blessed," she adds. "It was like the Lord gave us this little miracle.”

Williams says her husband is already very involved with the pregnancy, keeping tabs on the baby's development via the What to Expect app for dads.

The couple already know the sex of the baby, but they are keeping it private. The baby is due on Oct. 9. Williams plans to continue touring through August.