Winter weather is generally awful, but this winter in particular has really got people agitated, whether they're in usually snowy Buffalo, N.Y., sometimes-snowy New York City or Boston, or areas that are not used to snow and ice, like Nashville. The Holderness family perfectly expresses how we're all feeling about this winter with a parody of Zac Brown Band's "Colder Weather."

Titled "We SUCK in Colder Weather," the parody features lyrics like, "We'd really like to see you again, but we suck in colder weather / Yeah, up North, they do it better / But we're scared of it / Buy lots of milk and bread / That ain't ever gonna change / It's not in our DNA / Yeah, we weren't born for freezing."

Mom Kim Holderness writes on YouTube that she grew up in Florida, and her husband Penn is from North Carolina -- and when it comes to the snow, they are "clueless."

"We don’t own a snow shovel or salt ... iodized salt? Is that what they are putting on the roads? We don’t know," she writes. "Here’s our video tribute to how clueless Penn and I are in this type of weather."

The accompanying video features the family attempting to navigate frigid conditions: snuggling by the fire (with plenty of canned goods at the ready), sledding down an icy, melting driveway, and generally looking frustrated at the snowy conditions.

This ZBB parody isn't the Holderness family's first: Their YouTube channel is full of funny videos, including their well-known "Christmas Jammies" clip.

The real Zac Brown Band are set to appear on Saturday Night Live on March 7.

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