Heidi Newfield has her own list of reasons for going solo. "I have all this room to record the songs I love and work the stage the way I want to work it," she tells The Boot. "I really like it better!"

The singer has also found validation in making the move from the trio Trick Pony to her solo gig. "The fans have been wonderfully supportive to me now that I'm out on my own. It's great to see Trick Pony fans mixed in with my new fans. And my peers in Nashville have been great also. I admit, when I was thinking about this I wondered, 'Will the industry embrace me? Will they get this and like what I'm gonna do?' It was scary to jump off the edge and leave the safety net behind."

Heidi certainly got industry validation at the ACM Awards this year, where she scored five nominations. But she insists she is just now scratching the surface of what is to come in her career.

"We're just starting to talk about the next album," she reports. "I have a lot of music to be sung and songs to write in my new career."

The singer says she sometimes feels pressure when thinking about her sophomore project. But in the end, it's all about making great music, taking care of her fans and having a great live show.

"If you can do those things, the rest will come. I came up the old school way with a grassroots kind of thing, playing every club, honky-tonk, church, rodeo or basketball game. Then I moved it up and have grown to where I am today, so I want to see it continue to thrive. I feel like I'm on my way to doing that, and if I keep the focus on cutting great music and my live show, then the celebrity and radio success will come."