Hearts of Oak, who categorize themselves as "shoegazer country," are premiering the music video for their song 'Used to It Now' exclusively on The Boot.

The footage comes from home movies filmed by frontman Nate Wallace's grandfather, Stanley Wallace, around Bridgton, Maine, in 1955. The clip that opens the video features Nate's dad, Bob Wallace.

"[You] almost never see him because he was always behind the camera," Wallace says of his grandpa. "I remember visiting him in Florida when I was a young boy, and we would set up the projector and screen and watch lots of these movies."

Wallace says his 1-year-old and Loudon Wainwright III's 'Daughter' inspired the song.

"It just hit me, looking at my [son], I imagined his whole childhood, me growing into the current version of my dad. My dad like I remember my grandfather. Gettin' old, I guess," he tells The Boot. "It's also about accepting those changes and some kind of reconciliation between the generations."

Wallace specifically calls out one particular line: "My own daughter won't call me daddy no more."

"It's funny, I imagine a rebellious teenage girl calling her dad by his first name," he says. "Maybe coming off a little disrespectful, maybe wanting to be more grown-up herself. A sign she isn't daddy's little girl anymore. A loss of innocence."

'Used to It Now' is one of nine tracks of Hearts of Oak's 'New England,' their first album to be distributed nationally. The band's guitarist, Ezra Meredith, engineered and produced the disc.

"I never heard my songs like this when I wrote them," Wallace says, "and to hear your own songs new to you, it's incredible."