Portland-based Hearts of Oak have released their album, 'New England.'

The nine-song project is the first full-length album from the group to be distributed nationally. Ezra Meredith engineered and produced the album at Portland's Deer Lodge Studios, and the sound ended up being different than front man Nate Wallace originally envisioned.

"Ezra Meredith produced my first two records, but prior to this one we started playing together and he joined Hearts of Oak," he says. "Before I knew it my alt. country/folk songs were getting the dual electric guitar with fuzz and delay - and who knows what treatment ... I never heard my songs like this when I wrote them, and to hear your own songs new to you, it’s incredible."

Wallace is joined by J Lever on drums, Keith Richard McCarthy on bass and Meredith's brother, Joel Meredith, on pedal steel.

The album's title comes partially from the fact that Wallace hails from New England, but it also captures Wallace's constant feeling of being pulled back home.

"Whether it’s nostalgia or just the family getting older, sometimes I just see myself there, even though I love it here in Oregon. It's Portland vs. Portland, I guess," he says. "But, the easy answer of why I called the album 'New England' is that it's the title of one of the songs on the album... It provided a turning point. Up until that track it was standard Hearts of Oak fare. It just made it all more interesting."

Hearts of Oak, 'New England' Track Listing:

1. 'Used to It Now'
2. 'Goldmine'
3. 'Trouble Your Mind'
4. 'Lovers Ain't Easy'
5. 'Grey Riders'
6. 'New England'
7. 'Wants You Close'
8. 'Tunnels'
9. 'Well Lit Highway'