Hank Williams, Jr. knows his songs aren't getting much airplay on radio these days, but that fact doesn't concern him. The 'Dixie On My Mind' singer says he has other things on his mind than trying to get another song to the top of the charts.

"I don’t listen to today’s country radio, so I am not sure who gets played and who doesn’t," he tells Taste of Country. "I really don’t give a s—!"

The 64-year-old released his latest album, 2012's 'Old School New Rules' on his own label, Bocephus Records. Williams says that after many years with his longtime label, Curb, he was ready to start making music on his own terms.

"My whole career, I have done things my way and the way that I wanted," he explains. "So when it came time to record new music, my manager suggested that I start my own label, because so many other artists had been doing so. We did and formed a partnership with Blaster Records for promotion."

While some may find it daunting to launch out on their own, the tunesmith says he is still having success, thanks to his loyal fans. "I have learned that I have freedom to do what I want, and that the fans are still buying my records," he notes. "We have sold almost 100,000 albums with very little radio support. I have some loyal fans."

Purchase 'Old School New Rules' here.