Get your costume -- and your sweet tooth -- ready! Halloween is this weekend. The Boot celebrates by talking to some of our favorite country stars about what they'll be wearing this year, their trick-or-treating memories and favorite ghoulish traditions.

Taylor Swift
Dominique Charriau, Getty Images
Taylor Swift loves Halloween, but she doesn't like the seasonal treat. "I'm not into candy corn. I've never understood it. It's too many different tastes," she says. But Taylor does, however, have a strategy for seeking out the best candy. "You always tried to find that jackpot house with the giant candy bars, like the giant Hershey bars or the giant Reeses."
Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum
Collin Erie for AOL
Lady Antebellum's Dave Haywood had an ingenious costume idea one year, but it nearly landed him in the emergency room. "I was a die for Halloween. I had a big cardboard box that I painted white [with] polka dots. I was walking up this big hill and literally fell back down the entire hill, rolling in this giant cardboard box about 50 feet."
Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town
Kevin Mazur, WireImage
Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild had an easy time picking out son Elijah's costume for his very first Halloween. "He got his two eye teeth in so he got fangs just in time, and no teeth in the middle. He's adorable. He's got this chunky, round face and he has two teeth on the bottom and two fangs, so he's going to be a vampire -- a fat, chunky monkey vampire."
Billy Currington
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
Someone else who was a vampire when he was a kid is Billy Currington. "I loved dressing up. I always wanted to be Dracula, that was my favorite guy. But of course, who doesn't love going door-to-door getting buckets of candy? I love Halloween."
Darius Rucker
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
Darius Rucker says he usually dresses up for the holiday. "The year before [last], I was a Star Wars Ninja. My son wants us to dress up together this year. He's going to be Robin, so I have to be Batman. I'm very excited about that. [laughs] But Halloween's big for me, because the kids love it. It's my kids' favorite holiday, so anything they're into, I'm into."
Kellie Pickler
Jon LeMay, Getty Images
Kellie Pickler loves Halloween candy. Her favorites? "I love chocolate. I love Hershey bars with almonds. And Reese's Cups, because I love peanut butter."
Faith Hill
Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic
Faith Hill's Halloween traditions with her family include trick-or-treating with her daughters, of course. But she also likes to hang with friends on fright night. "We usually get together with friends and eat a meal together, just to get food in the stomachs of our kids before we go out trick-or-treating. Then we trick-or-treat for a little while and then come back and hang out."
Blake Shelton
Rick Diamond, Getty Images
When Blake Shelton was a teen, he and a bunch of friends went out "egging" on Halloween, and they hit the wrong car. "The lights came on, and it was a police officer! He started chasing us. I looked back and saw his flashlight tumbling. [He] tripped trying to chase us down. My buddies went back and started hitting him with eggs. To this day they were never caught ... until now."
Luke Bryan
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
Luke Bryan has his ideas of what to dress his two sons, ages two-and-a-half and two-months, for Halloween, but his wife doesn't exactly agree with him. "I put in for Bo to be a fisherman and Tate to be a worm, but I don't know if that'll happen!"
Alan Jackson
Getty Images
Alan Jackson would take his daughters trick-or-treating when they were younger, and he wasn't always happy with the costumes his wife would pick out for them. He recalls one getup that he truly hated. It was an infant costume that made one of the girls look like a little peapod. "I thought, 'Man, that's awful.' But Denise liked it, and I guess it was cute."
Jason Aldean
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Jason Aldean always makes sure he's home for his two daughters at Halloween. "A good friend of mine lives pretty close to us, and for the last five or six years, we've taken our kids with their kids and just walk around. All the parents dress up, and last year I was Elvis. I had the white jumpsuit. It was pretty awesome. I always loved Halloween as a kid, and so I make sure I'm at home for the girls and make it fun for them."
Dierks Bentley
Steve Mack, Getty Images
Dierks Bentley has a great time dressing up daughter Evie. "She was Yoda last year, and it was almost too eerily of a resemblance! It's probably not the most flattering picture of her, but she was barely one years old and it was just really funny ... She's not the princess type. She is big into Elmo, though, and maybe [this year] she'll dress up like Elmo [laughs], or maybe I will."
Easton Corbin
Frederick Breedon, Getty Images
Easton Corbin has never dressed up for Halloween as an adult, but one of his favorite costumes as a kid was made by his grandmother. "My grandma made a werewolf outfit for me, and I wore that one year. She got this fake hair and glued it to sweatpants and a sweatshirt. That was a hot outfit. I mean, it got pretty warm."
Justin Moore
Jason Merritt, Getty Images
Justin Moore is not a big fan of Halloween. "I absolutely hate Halloween," he says. "Everybody makes fun of me because I despise Halloween, and I don't know why. As a child, I was a very serious child, which makes no sense because I'm never serious now. But I never wanted to dress up as a kid."
Jimmy Wayne
Rick Diamond, Getty Images
Jimmy Wayne's favorite Halloween candy is Bit O'Honey. "My gosh, is that good. I want a big old salt block of Bit O' Honey I can put in the living room and just lick it."
David Nail
David Nail says his favorite thing about Halloween "was just the excitement about picking out your costume and talking to your friends and fighting over if you're going to be this or if they stole the idea from you and if you can do the idea better."
Walker Hayes
Rick Diamond, Getty Images
Newcomer Walker Hayes has an annual tradition he shares with his wife. "We have orange sweatshirts that we bought our first year in Nashville, and we took a sharpie and drew jack-o-lantern faces on them. Hers is awesome, and mine looks like my son made it. We get on the ground and we pull the sweatshirts over our knees so our heads look like pumpkin stems."
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