While on location shooting her new film, 'Country Strong,' Gwyneth Paltrow fell in love with Nashville. Not only did she discover numerous hidden treasures that not even some of the locals know about, she has had serious thoughts about putting down some roots -- literally -- and buying a place in Middle Tennessee.

"I would love it," the Oscar-winning actress tells The Boot. "It's funny, I was saying the other day my dream is to have a farm somewhere near outside Nashville, and make an organic farm outside of the city. It'll happen one day."

The Los Angeles-born Gwyneth currently splits her time between homes in New York and London, along with her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and their two children.

Gwyneth may be able to seek advice from her new friends Faith Hill and co-star Tim McGraw, as well as fellow Hollywood star Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban -- both of whom have farms located south of the city.

It could be a natural progression for Gwyneth to move to Nashville, as she won the hearts of country music stars and fans alike when she received a standing ovation for her performance of 'Country Strong' from the film's soundtrack on last week's CMA Awards.

In 'Country Strong,' Gwyneth portrays Kelly Canter, a fallen country superstar who attempts to resurrect her career with the help of a rising singer-songwriter (Garrett Hedlund) after meeting him in rehab. Tim plays her husband-manager who pulls her out of rehab for a comeback tour.

'Country Strong' opens in limited release in Nashville and Los Angeles on December 22, and nationwide on January 7. Get More on Gwyneth Paltrow on PopEater

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