Kyle Cox performs "Richest Man Alive" with Danny Leggett for The Boot's February Guest Room Sessions installment. While the song's topic certainly isn't new -- feeling rich without monetary success -- Cox's personal lyrics and point of view make it one that will hit home with many listeners.

"Richest Man Alive" is loosely based on the character Samuel Hamilton from John Steinbeck's East of Eden. From the beginning of the chorus, when Cox sings, "It's so easy to believe / That what I want is what I need / You remind me that's a lie / I'm the richest man alive," the artist shows that he understands and sympathizes with the dilemma of wanting more and more -- but his song is a reminder that it won't satisfy.

"When the kids have all grown / Moved out and on their own / I'll be proud to watch them leave / Sure I'll be sad, 'cause I'm always their dad / Time to stand on their own feet," Cox sings.

Cox plays the acoustic guitar while friend and fellow musician Leggett joins in on banjo. Not only is Leggett a songwriter, he also played at Cox and his wife Sarah's wedding -- and he lives with them! (Fittingly, the video was filmed in Cox's home.)

"He let Sarah and I live with him when we first moved to Nashville to help us get settled," Cox tells The Boot. "Now his lease ran out a few months back, and he needed a place to stay last minute, so of course, we let him stay with us."

Cox is newly signed to Rock Ridge Music; fans can look forward to new music from the talented singer-songwriter this summer.

"Since our first meeting together, it's felt really comfortable and seems to be a great fit," Cox says of signing with Rock Ridge Music. "They are a small, boutique, hardworking group, which I really appreciate. I've always been a scrappy, blue-collar, hardworking sort of artist, and they seem to really not only understand my approach as an artist, but also have experience building the careers of similar working artists.”

Cox's new EP will pay respect to the artists who have influenced him, such as Willie Nelson and John Prine.