Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kyle Cox thought a little outside the box when he filmed his deeply personal track “Myself, My Love & My Sorrow” for the August installment of The Boot's Guest Room Sessions.

Cox wrote "Myself, My Love & My Sorrow" after recording his Trio & Friends EP, which was released on June 3. The song mines his own embrace of tough emotions.

“I've been going to counseling for a few years now," Cox shares with The Boot, "and recently, one of the main subjects my counselor and I have been talking about is sorrow -- more specifically, how sorrow is not actually a bad thing and definitely something that should not be hidden."

Cox also took some inspiration for "Myself, My Love & My Sorrow" from a surprising place: a Disney movie.

“Now, if you've seen the movie Inside Out, that's almost exactly what that whole movie is about,” he explains. “They do a great job personifying love and sorrow, or Joy and Sadness I believe is what they call it in the movie. From there, I just did my best to write a song personifying love and sorrow and the truths I believe about them.”

The result is a heartfelt track that oozes raw emotion. The video above, filmed by Cox’s friend, finds the artist at a secluded spot off a Nashville-area nature trail.

Fans can visit Cox’s website for more details on tour dates and where to purchase the Trio & Friends EP.