Gregg Allman has dropped his lawsuit against Randall Miller, the producer of his biopic, 'Midnight Rider.' The singer filed the lawsuit after a person was killed making the movie, but now apparently has had a change of heart.

“We have come together and reasoned with one another,” Allman's attorney, David Long-Daniels, told a judge in Savannah, Ga.

Both Long-Daniels and Miller's attorney declined to comment further on the case.

Lawyers for Allman and Unclaimed Freight Productions, the company making the movie, reached an out-of-court agreement one day after Allman's attorney questioned Miller about the accident, which injured six crew members and killed 27-year-old camera assistant Sarah Jones.

The lawsuit was originally filed after the Allman Brothers Band front man personally reached out to Miller to stop production of the film.

“I am writing to you as one human being to another, and appealing to you from my heart,” Allman wrote. “I am asking you from a personal perspective not to go forward. When the idea of you producing the film first came about, I was genuinely excited about the possibility of sharing my story with fans around the world. Unfortunately, all of that changed for me on February 20 of this year. While there may have been a possibility that the production might have resumed shortly after that, the reality of Sarah Jones’ tragic death, the loss suffered by the Jones family and injuries to the others involved has led me to realize that for you to continue production would be wrong.”

Attorneys for both sides refused to discuss details of the agreement, so it remains unclear if 'Midnight Rider' will continue filming. Actor William Hurt, who was slated to play Allman, backed out of the movie after the tragic death of Jones. Criminal files are still pending in the case.

The singer was not present during the recent court proceedings. His attorney says he is in poor health.