Granger Smith is releasing the radio-friendly "Backroad Song" as his next single, and he's revealed its accompanying lyric video as well.

The tune, from his upcoming 4X4 EP, comes on the heels of Smith's successful Yee Yee Nation Tour, which was extended into 2015 due to high fan demand. His Dirt Road Driveway album was the best-selling independent country album, in terms of digital sales, in 2013.

"I've taken a unique path," the Texan says, "which has been partly unplanned, but very rewarding. My team and I, we rise and fall together, but that rise feels so inspiring when we know we've created this momentum from the ground up.

"Every day I'm thankful, every day I'm excited," Smith adds. "The world will always need new music, and luckily, I can never get new music out of my head!"

Dirt Road Driveway took Smith to a new level as an artist, which means that he is about to work even harder to keep his momentum going.

"It amazes me so much, and every day I am grateful for the journey that has led me to the place I am now," he says. "Dirt Road Driveway really broke through, and we were able to get out in front of amazing crowds in new markets, and people started spreading the word.

"Backroad Song" is available for download on iTunes. Press play on the video above to see its lyric video.

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