Gloriana, the four-member band comprised of brothers Mike and Tom Gossin, plus gal pals Cheyenne Kimball and Rachel Reinard, rose from relative anonymity to becoming one country's hottest bands -- thanks in part to their slot on Taylor Swift's record-breaking Fearless tour. The quartet, whose first single, 'Wild at Heart' went all the way into the Top 10, are back in the studio working on their sophomore album, having learned valuable lessons with their first.

"Doing the second album is amazing, actually," Rachel tells The Boot. "It's definitely an experience for us. The first album was a learning experience, and we're still learning, but this one I feel like we have much more of a sense of who we are as people, who we are as artists. We've been out on the road three years, and we have a lot of ideas in our head that we're ready to get out. We're doing a lot of writing. We know what our identity is and what we want to do for this record."

"The first one, we were kind of finding our roots and discovering who we are," Mike adds. "Now, we've been touring for a few years, and we've really learned a lot about developing as a group. The second album will be a step up and a new direction, lyrically, melodically, vocally."

The group's sophomore project will be produced by Matt Serletic, whose long list of credits includes Collective Soul, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas and Edwin McCain. In spite of Matt's largely LA-based group of pop artists, he says working with Gloriana was one of the easiest decisions he has ever made.

"They're an amazing group," he tells The Boot. "Truly talented musicians. The idea of this sound that they make uniquely together, the four of them all being an integral part, is something I'm really infatuated with being a part of ... They've been out there for two years pounding it as hard as anybody, seven days a week. Their sound is matured, their musicianship has matured."

Gloriana haven't taken much time off the road since they became an official band in 2008. And while they are thrilled to have such a wide and supportive fan base, Mike says there is a price to pay for their fame. "It's inevitable to get on each other's nerves every once in awhile, but we get over it really quick. At the end of the day we all love each other," he reveals. "But with four people on a bus, with a different age group, we do really well."

The quartet hope to be back in the studio later this year, which may prove a bit of a challenge since they are continuing to spend the majority of their time on the road. Take a peek at the group's upcoming tour schedule here.