While the Internet has helped many artists get closer and stay connected to their fans, sometimes the whole thing can get out of hand. And not just because of overzealous fans!

Gloriana's Cheyenne Kimball admits it might just be time for a 12-step Twitter recovery program.

"I am personally a Twitter-holic," Cheyenne tells CMT. "I need to go to rehab for it. Pretty much every thought that I have goes on Twitter. But I like to connect. We all like to connect with the fans and show them that just as much as they're dedicated to us, we're dedicated to them."

The group's Mike Gossin recently posted a tweet declaring that he's also addicted to Twitter and has taken the whole thing even further by developing his own Twitter language - which basically consists of putting "tw" in front of select words within his tweets. For example, earlier this week, he tweeted: "Have u guys seen this weeks GTV webisode? It was twalarious! ~twmike." Mike adds that the language hasn't quite caught on with his fellow band members just yet.

While the group has fun with the various modes of interaction, they also see them as a serious, vital - and instantaneous - way of communicating with fans beyond things like the usual meet-and-greet encounters at their live shows.

"The response from people that have been following us on the Internet is amazing," says Mike. "We'll tweet, and within two seconds, it's like response, response, response, response - for like a page. It's great for us because it means that people are dedicated to really finding out where we are and what's going on."

The group continues to connect with new fans throughout the country on Taylor's Swift's Fearless tour.