George Strait's son Bubba may be a chip off the old block when it comes to songwriting, (he co-wrote the recent hit, 'Living for the Night,' with his father and Dean Dillon), but he says he'll probably leave the performing to his mega-star dad.

Bubba (whose real name is George Strait Jr,) collaborated on several songs for his dad's new album 'Twang,' but tells Cowboys and Indians magazine he doesn't see himself recording his own songs anytime soon. "Not unless I learn to sing. I got my mom's singing voice!' But that's OK, I don't know if I could sing in front of a lot of people anyway."

Bubba says he enjoys writing songs with his dad, but sometimes it's hard to keep the elder George's attention on the music. "We like all the same stuff, so we seem to agree on music," says 28-year-old Bubba. "I'm writing a lot more than him, though, because sometimes he'd rather go play golf. But you can't blame him. Besides, he needs the practice!"

Bubba definitely doesn't take his amazing writing partners for granted, though. "It was great writing with my dad and Dean. Dean's a songwriting genius! It would be any songwriter's dream to write with one of them, much less both. I haven't been writing long, either, so I consider myself lucky to have that chance."

'Living for the Night' is the first single from George's latest album, 'Twang.'