George Strait has a few choice words for Joe Nichols. Words that come directly from his 1992 film, 'Pure Country.'

During a radio interview for 'GAC Nights: Live From Nashville,' show host Buzz Brainard asked George if he had talked to Joe about his upcoming lead role in the Broadway adaptation of the popular film.

"I haven't talked to him," George said, "but if I had one thing to say to him about it, it'd probably be, 'Go on. Get your ass outta here. Go on. Get your ass outta here.'"

No, that's not a swipe at Joe; fans of the film will recognize the line as one spoken by George's character, Dusty.

"If they want me to say one line from the movie," George notes with slight embarrassment, "that's the line they want me to say for them."

GAC notes that the three-letter word -- which George suggested might need to be cut from the interview -- has already been heard on the radio in hits from Toby Keith -- 'Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American') -- and more recently the Zac Brown Band ('Toes').

'Pure Country' is scheduled to open on Broadway early next year. Lorrie Morgan has just signed on to star alongside Joe in the musical. She'll play Lula, the role originated by Lesley Anne Warren in the movie.