He's sold more than 67 million records since 1982, but George Strait insists he's not going to stop making music any time soon.

"I still really enjoy singing, and that's really who I am. I mean, I love to fish and I love to do all these other things, but my love has been and still is country music and singing," the Country Music Hall of Famer tells Voice of America. "So, you know, for as long as I can keep doing it, that's what I'm going to do."

Something the 57-year-old King of Country is looking forward to doing more of is writing songs. His current album, 'Twang,' contains three tunes written with son Bubba, including his current hit, 'Living for the Night,' the fastest rising song of his career. It's the first self-penned song George has recorded since 1982's 'I Can't See Texas from Here' featured on his debut album, 'Strait Country.' Twenty-seven years later, George credits his son with motivating him to write again.

"Bubba started writing probably, oh, I guess, a little over a year ago," he reflects. "He just started toying with the idea of writing a few songs. I kind of had it in the back of my mind, too, that I wanted to start writing again. So, we just kind of inspired each other. He inspired me, I think, more than me him ... but we just decided to see if we could write together. So we wrote a couple of songs."

George insists this is only the beginning, and says fans can expect much more from the father-and-son writing team. He also reveals that the pair wrote a few songs for the current album that might show up on future projects instead.

'Living for the Night,' which George and Bubba co-wrote with Dean Dillon, is currently nipping at the heels of No. 1 after rocketing into the Top 20 in just three weeks.