George Jones"We're going to have a good time!" George Jones exclaimed as he took the stage at the Riverwind Casino in Norman, Okla. earlier this month. And what a good time it was.

After rolling through classic songs 'Why Baby Why' and 'Once You've Had The Best,' the country legend asked the crowd if they've noticed a new trend on the "new" country radio stations. "Have you noticed they stopped playing all those drinkin' and cheatin' songs on the radio these days? I'd be without a job today," he added with a laugh. "That'll tell you I have a bunch of them to do tonight -- right after this one!"

A picture slide show played on the JumboTron, as George sang one of the most profound songs he has recorded in recent years, 'Choices.' The video took the audience from his childhood up through recent years, including the now-comical arrest video from his earlier years.

Throughout the night, George performed nearly two dozen of his classic hits, including 'Bartender's Blues,' 'I Always Get Lucky With You,' 'Same Ole Me,' 'You're Still On My Mind,' and a newly recorded song, 'I Really Don't Want To Know,' which is found on his latest album, 'A Collection of My Best Recollection,' which was released by the Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores.

"This is another old song, but for some of you younger whipper-snappers, this might be new to you," he chuckled before playing the beautiful 'I'm Not Ready Yet.'

"We're having a good time, are you?" George asked with a smile. "If I can get through this next song -- because it's so fast, and I'm getting up there -- we might be here til two or three in the morning," he joked before launching into 'The Race Is On.' Throughout the song, there was lots of laughter from George and his band as they tried their best to all stay on the same page.

He slowed things down once again with the always tender 'A Picture of Me Without You,' but got them back on their feet with the all-time favorite 'The One I Loved Back Then (The Corvette Song).' George paid tribute to the many music legends we've lost over the years in 'Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes' while a slide show played along with the song. The last picture brought the crowd to their feet -- a snapshot of a playful George kissing the top of Johnny Cash's head.

George looked and acted much younger than his 78 years, as he continued through the show. Backup singer Brittany Allyn joined George on several songs originally recorded with the late Tammy Wynette. Together they sang 'Me and Jesus,' 'Take Me' and 'Golden Ring,' which George said was his favorite song he sang with his ex-wife.

After 'The Window Up Above,' 'Walk Through This World With Me,' 'She Thinks I Still Care,' and the fun 'White Lightning,' George sang the biggest hit of his career, 'He Stopped Loving Her Today.' After an overwhelming standing ovation, George's eye twinkled as he said, "I couldn't leave without proving just a little something to you tonight ... I've still got a little bit left!"

George then delivered a rousing performance of 'I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair' in what was the night's most memorable performance of this legend still delivering his A-game after all these years.