George Jones, Carrie UnderwoodLast week, media outlets swarmed with news about a quote country legend George Jones stated to the Associated Press that some of country music's biggest stars, including Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, "had to use something that was established already, and that's traditional country music" to reach the level they are at now. George went on to praise some of the more traditional artists still making music, including Alan Jackson and George Strait. When celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton caught wind of the quote, he blew it out of context, which deeply bothered George.

Monday night in Nashville, many artists gathered at Dolly Parton's CD/DVD release party, where both George and Carrie attended. According to Nashville's Tennessean newspaper, George was all set to explain himself to Carrie, but she told him she never thought he was criticizing her in the first place. George admitted he was worried because his comments came across as a direct criticism of both Taylor and Carrie. "I don't want anyone to think I'm against anybody," George said.

After clearing the air, George and Carrie posed together for photographers and chatted while watching the Dolly DVD. Carrie even sat on the arm of George's chair at the intimate gathering.

George recently released his collection of hits and three new tunes on his exclusive Cracker Barrel album, 'A Collection of My Best Recollection.' George told The Boot this week to expect new music in the very new future which he promises will be "a very talked about album [filled with] the best work I've done it quite a few years!"