For years, Gary Allan has worked hard at perfecting his career in the music business as well as perfecting his rock-solid physique. When Gary comes off the road, he says his workout consists of time with his personal trainer and also yoga. To stay in top shape while on the road, Gary and his band run five miles per day at the very least.

"As a band we [work out together]," Gary tells GAC. "We get out, and we hit a gym every day. It used to be just running, but now we try to make sure that we get into an actual gym, and just because you're in a different gym every day, it makes your workout different."

One of Gary's biggest passions, other than music, is surfing, which he has tried to get his band involved with as well. "I got two of them up [surfing]," he says proudly. "They weren't surfers before this year!"

Gary also takes pride in the bond he has created with his band members, whom he feels are an extension of his family. "We are super tight. We are tighter than most," Gary explains. "I brought two of my band guys with me to Mexico [recently], but we hang a lot [together] when we're not on the road."

Gary's latest album, 'Get Off on the Pain,' is in stores now. He'll hit the road this summer with Brooks & Dunn on their Last Rodeo farewell tour.

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