With his brooding good looks and rebellious attitude, Gary Allan is one of country music's hottest singles. So with Valentine's Day just around the next corner, Gary tells Nashville's Tennessean newspaper what he looks for in a lady -- what appeals to him most ... and what really turns him off!

"Smart, funny and fit," he says, when asked to describe his ideal partner in three words. As for himself? "Confident, easy-going and spontaneous."

The most romantic vacation spot he would take his lady would be, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ... Locally, in Nashville, it would be the popular restaurant and live music venue, Sambuca. And the song that really makes him go weak in the knees is, 'Sex on Fire,' by Kings of Leon.

Gary's idea of a most romantic evening? "Dinner, a great concert, a fantastic hotel room with an incredible view and red wine mixed in throughout the night."

But hot and sexy or not, Gary is still human ... and even he can get flustered on a date.

"I flipped all my lobster butter on my date," Gary confesses with a sheepish smile, recalling the biggest dating blunder he's ever made.

And the worst date he's ever been on? "She kept trying to impress me by telling me all the other artists' buses she had been on -- it did not impress me in the least."

The one thing that would keep Gary from asking a lady for a second date would be arrogance. And the place he would go to meet someone interesting would be The Palm restaurant in downtown Music City. As for just hanging with his buddies for fun, it would be Nashville honky-tonk, The Stage ... "and all the bars on Lower Broad and Second Avenue."

Gary says what he's passionate about in life are his family and surfing. And his celebrity crush/dream date would be Scarlett Johansson!

Gary's eighth studio album, 'Get Off On the Pain,' is due out in early March.