Gary Allan, members of his band and management team are all scheduled to testify in a Gallatin, Tenn. courtroom today (July 21) in the matter of the country singer versus Katherine Walker, a 47-year-old Nashville resident accused of stalking him.

The case stems from an alleged burglary and vandalism at Allan's home back in May. Walker was arrested and charged with the crime, capping off what Allan says was four years of harassment by the woman. Among other charges, Walker is accused of throwing potted plants around the outside of Allan's home and tossing patio furniture into his pool. She's also accused of throwing an outdoor heater from a second-story balcony and breaking a kitchen window, on what was allegedly one of her many uninvited visits to the singer's residence.

Walker has fought back, saying she's the real victim and that Allan was stalking her -- statements the singer's lawyers call "ridiculous." Walker told the court in an initial hearing that she had a relationship with Allan and was supposed to meet him at a bar on the night of the incident but was stood up. She said she "lost it" when she spotted the vehicle of another woman at Allan's residence.

"I went there and threw his furniture into the pool," Walker said, also admitting to breaking into the other woman's car. "I took her registration and her size 5 miniskirt," she added.

Court papers state that Walker was identified through security footage at Allan's residence. TMZ obtained the video footage, which allegedly shows Walker on a bizarre rampage outside the home.

Walker is not currently permitted to have any contact with Allan or anyone associated with him. She is also scheduled to testify today.